Various Issues Related To Xerox Printer & Ways To Resolve

Are you using Xerox printers for your official as well as personal work? Do you experience any issues while using these printers? Well, if yes, then you are not alone as innumerable users are facing these issues and looking for a sound solution for these issues.
Xerox printers can certainly be regarded as the best printing tools which are great in demand because of their exciting attributes. They are acclaimed for their high printing quality output. However many users, after being stressed, look for the best strategy for eliminating the issues of these printers. Some of the troubles which might be faced by the users are as below:-

  • Printer driver issues
  • Compatibility problems
  • Toner associated technical errors
  • Spoolers related problems
  • Paper jamming tribulations
  • Printer configuration blockades

Apart from these quandaries, there can be other issues which might become a hassles in the usage of these printers and the users are always desirous of getting great support against these hitches.

One of the common issues related with Xerox printer users is paper jamming trouble which can be wareded off very easily. The following steps will be very much useful for fixing your jamming troubles:-

  • First open the Exit cover
  • Remove the stuck paper with the help of both hands
  • Now remove the paper sheet and pull out any paper which is obstructing the function of the printer
  • Now its done !

With the help of the above said steps, the users who are depressed and are desirous of getting efficient services can easily handle their issues. They only need to apply the above guidelines and they will be able to fix these issues effectively. However if they fail to understand these steps and are willing to get other solutions against their issues, then a tech support agency will certainly help you in the better way. The technical support representatives of the agency can easily fix your problems as they have a sea of knowledge with them which really helps you to counter any problem which is causing you unavoidable damage. Once they get to know your glitches, they will come up with the proven solutions to handle these issues. The uers can opt for an email support, chat support and phone support in order to fix their issues. Hence if you are seriously frustrated due to the varied technical hitches, then do not be dismayed at all and call Xerox printer support number immediately.

Fix Xerox Printer Issues Quickly & Easily By Xerox Printer Tech Support Team 

Do you know which MNC is the champion in manufacturing the best quality printers in the world? If your answer is a NO, then we want to let you know that it is none other than XEROX. This organization is famous for its industry-leading technology to provide a wide variety of enchanting products like printers, scanners, and digital presses, etc. Xerox provide the printers, which are multifunctional, used for production, laser, wide format and inkjet printers, and printers for home and office use. Whenever the users face any kind of difficulty while working with these printers, the Xerox Printer Customer Support is available for them to sort out every of their issues.

Generally, the majority of the Xerox printer users face two issues. One of them is the endless paper chase and the other one is the workflow logjam. So, in this article, you will find the best steps to troubleshoot both of these issues. Here are the steps to fix the endless paper chase, which means that the printing is taking a long time than usual.

  1. Firstly, the users should check whether the images they want to print are of a high resolution or a low one because those related to the former one generally takes longer time than usual.
  2. Next, they should make sure to select either the draft, or standard, or the normal mode for the office documents, in case, they are not looking for the quality of the images.
  3. If they want to print the presentations or the formal pieces, then they should get back to the high-quality print.
  4. If the users have to print larger files with some complicated images, then they should continuously add memory to their printer.
  5. Moreover, switching to the simplex mode from the two-sided mode also fixes this issue.
  6. If the users want faster office printing, then they should switch to the PCL type of drivers.
  7. If the above steps don't work, then the users should dial the Xerox Printer Helpline Number.

Here's What The Users Should Do To Fix The Paper Jams Occurring In The Xerox printers.

  1. Firstly, the users should inspect the path of the paper and should remove any material, which is jammed in the printer. 
  2. They should also make sure that they have to take out the stuck paper and not tear it.
  3. In case, the jam is caused due to some misaligned paper, then they should immediately remove the tray so that they can position their paper correctly and along with that, they should re-seat their tray.
  4. If the users are unable to find ay kind of misfed sheet, then they should try to remove the paper stack and should make sure that it is squared properly. After that, they should reposition it back into the tray.
  5. Another important thing, which the users should make sure is that the paper, which they want to print is supported by their Xerox printer.

So, if you are neither able to fix the endless paper chase issue nor the paper jam issue, then you should immediately dial the Xerox Printer Toll Free Number to sort out both of these issues appropriately.

Xerox Printer Not Printing & Taking Too Long To Print

Let’s check what you are supposed to do if Xerox Printer is not printing from the projected paper tray. It is undeniably a genuine problem faced by the Xerox Printer users. If you have the same problem, you are suggested to check out the printing setup – the computer and the printer. Maybe the application is instructed to print to the wrong paper tray. You can rectify it by opening the Printer Properties. Also, undertake the Tray Selection source and find whether there is a problem. The Xerox Printer Customer Service also instructs you to make sure that the demonstrated paper size (in the control panel) matches the actual size in the paper tray. Or maybe there is a problem in the power supply. Please disconnect the printer if it is connected to a UPS. Even you can disconnect it from the power strip. One simple thing you can do is to plug it into a wall outlet, directly. In order to keep the fuser assembly warm, a slot of surges of power is required by your Xerox printer.

You should know that the surges of power can damage the UPS. We also suggest you for checking all your printing components, whether they are seated properly or not. Xerox Printer Tech Support can also be contacted by a printing machine user if he/she is facing the discussed problem. Without making any delay or negligence, its technical support squad is ready to assist you with your issue. Owing to the work expertise the troubleshooting experts own, the entire settlement process takes a fraction of the time. And the slot of duration is 10 minutes in maximum which brings the ultimate solution for you. Resolve your problem right away.

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