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Sbcglobal is a subsidiary of AT&T. It is a telecommunication company that deals with forecasting, providing internet , providing cable channel communication etc. Users of Sbcglobal services are provided with an email account sbcglobal mail. This email is used to communicate with the executives, to make bill payments and to place issues and queries etc. Though user can use this email for other communication too. It can be added with any smart phone and can be configured with any email client application.

Sbcglobal email is just like any other email. Users may find technical issues with that at times. Common problems with sbcglobal are :

  • Issue in creating an account.
  • Account recovery in case of password lost
  • Import or export emails or contacts with Yahoo.
  • Configuration issues with any email client regarding incoming and outgoing server settings.

Technical issues cannot be avoided permanently but can be solved easily with the help of experts. When any such problem is faced by the user, he will always look for an authentic and immediate solution. That is why SBCGlobal Customer Support is there. This team is full of qualified and experienced technicians. They can immediately recognize the issue and the possible reasons and can resolve it instantly. Technicians at SBCGlobal Customer Support can be contacted through email or through a phone call. The later one is more effective. User can dial the phone number and speak to the executive directly about the issue.

What user can get from SBCGlobal Customer Support ?

  • Immediate authentic and effective solution
  • This leads to 100 % customer satisfaction.
  • 24/7 service with full dedication.
  • The experts are very much professionals.
  • Quick respond to email query also. User can get the assistance within 24 to 48 hours.

If Sbcglobal account is used by the user regularly then he should keep the phone number and email id handy so that whenever the problem occurs, he can quickly contact to the execuitve and get the solution instantly.

Get Sbcglobal "Connection to Server" Issue Resolved By Sbcglobal Tech Support 

Sbcglobal is one of the best email service providers which is used by the millions of users across the world. Sbcglobal is accessible on Windows, Android and iOS devices. Sometimes users face many difficulties while using the Sbcglobal email. In such types of conditions, Sbcglobal tech support provides an effective help to all the users on various kinds of technical issue related to Sbcglobal account.

Is Your Sbcglobal Email Showing Unable To Connect To Server Error ?

 Then don’t feel sad about that and apply the following steps:

  •  Restart your computer.
  •  Check all the settings for server port.
  • Now make sure that SSL box is checked.
  • Now check the sever settings or update them. For POP servers, type and for SMTP servers, type and for IMAP sever(port993)
  • If error message appears again, then click on the Try later option in order to leave the message in the outbox.

These solutions can increase the chance to resolving your problem. If you are unable to fix your problem by the following steps, then contact with Sbcglobal customer support to get the sufficient help from the world class technicians. These technicians are very trained and certified by the company. You can conatct with them via online chat and voice call. This support is available at 24/7 hours.

How To Resolve The Two Most Common Issues Of Sbcglobal?

SBC Global email account users face many issues during email sending and receiving. Some of those issues are highly frequent, some are less. This page is all about two most common issues of SBC Global email account. Both these issues have been presented with official troubleshooting methods.

Is It Possible To Configure An Sbcglobal Account In Outlook?

Yes, it is possible for you to configure your SBC Global email account in Outlook 2007 or 2010. For that, you need to open the outlook program on your computer. Launch the Finder menu in Mac and Start in Windows. In both cases, you are suggested to open the Tools window. It will allow you to press the Email Account icon. Hence, SBC Global Customer Service instructs you to add a new email account. You will find it in the drop-down menu. The selection of POP3 button is the next thing you are supposed to do.

1. Incoming mail server -
2. Incoming server port – 995
3. Outgoing mail server -
4. Outgoing server port – 465
Add your account display name now. Go to the Email Address bar and type the full SBC global email address. Also, enter your email account password. Press the Remember Password button if you want the email management to remember your account credentials.

Is It Possible To Recover An Sbcglobal Account That’s Lost Or Hacked?

You can recover your SBC Global email account by following some simple steps that are presented here by SBC Global Tech Support. Just open the web browser to get it back. Once you launch the log in page (located in the top right portion), you are one step ahead of your password recovery. Enter your username after pressing the sign in link. The selection of forgot the password, next to the login section, is the next thing you are supposed to do. It will move you towards the next stage of your account recovery. We request you to provide all the required information and save the inputs. A temporary password will be received in the recovery option you have selected. It will help you for your one-time login. Hence, you will need to set a new password.

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