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Roku is a streaming channel who provides a collection of audio and video which is made available by the channel developer such as Netflix, Hulu or YouTube. Moreover, the Roku device is designed to play video with highest possible quality along with the given type of content and the speed of the internet connection and capabilities of the Television.

Issue 1: Unable To Play Specific Video

Firstly, the user should try to play another video from that channel in case if a specific video is not playing. If other video within the same channel plays successfully and others do not play then the user needs to contact customer support for that particular channel.

Issue 2: Unable To Play Any Video From Single Channel

The user should try playing a video from another channel, for instance the user can try the free News channel on the Roku Home screen. However, if channel such as Netflix or Hulu Plus who requires a subscription, the user should make sure that he or she have properly logged-in or linked the channel to that subscription account. In certain cases it so happen that the user might need to link a channel using the credentials from cable or satellite Television account and follow the on-screen instructions or contact customer support for that channel for any further expert assistance.

Issue 3: Unable To Play Any Video From Any Channel

If for any particular reason, the user is unable to play any video from any channel then they need to contact the Roku customer support and follow their assistance to resolve the problem.

Ø Thje user needs to first check the internet connection by visiting the Settings and then go to Network and check the status if it is “Connected”

Ø If by any chance the Roku device is not connected then the user needs to select Set up new wireless connection and follow the instructions and if they face any trouble connecting then he or she can go to “What to do if you cannot connect to your wireless network”

Ø Then the user needs to confirm that the internet connection is working by using the computer or a Wi-Fi connected tablet to access the internet. In such situation, the Roku device and the router needs to be restarted.

Roku Technical Support For Wi-fi Connection & Low Video Quality

Roku provides a good experience of watching TV to users through its different offer provided ranging from sports, entertainment, movies and other packages. It also enables users to connect to the wi-fi which enables them to get connected to internet and watch videos online.

It sometimes happens that the wi-fi connection doesn’t works for the roku which restricts users from watching videos online. For such situation, users need to go through the given steps to sort out the issue

  • Make sure that you are connecting to the correct wi-fi connection
  • Enter the correct password for your wi-fi connection
  • Ensure that all the connections to the modem are properly connected
  • Check whether the router has strong internet connection or not which is enough to connect to the internet
  • Restart your router and roku to make it work

These steps would help users to make the roku work to the internet connection and let the users continue their work. Users can also avail the Roku customer support if they face issue while working on it. Users can visit the support page where they might get different method for support for the issues faced by them.

Resolve Low Video Quality Issue

It also happens with users that they get low quality video which is not friendly to their eyes. To overcome the playback issue, users need to follow some simple steps

  • Check if your internet service provider is facing any issue
  • Reduce the access of other devices on the network in order to increase the speed of internet

Users can also call on the roku helpline number to interact with the experts and discuss their issues with them.

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