Various Issues Of Rogers Email Are Solved By Quick & Reliable Support From Rogers Email Tech Support 

Roger email is a very popular email service but it still suffers from its share of problems. Some of the problems and their solutions have been discussed below:

Unable To Send Or Receive Emails

First of all try sending the emails from your rogers email account using SMTP protocol on an alternate port. However do not set it to Port 25.
If the above mentioned solution did not work, the user can try to use the authenticated Roger’s Yahoo SMTP servers. However this method will require a valid or email address.
If none of the above steps work, check the server settings.

The IMAP settings are:

Incoming mail server:
Incoming port: 993
Outgoing Port: 465
The encryption would be SSL for both – incoming and outgoing servers.
The authentication would be your roger email ID for the username and password.

If you are still unable to resolve it, please contact Rogers Email Customer Support for immediate assistance.

Stopping Unwanted Emails

The key to stop receiving unwanted emails is to create filters for sorting such kinds of emails into spam mail before they reach your inbox. The filters can be customized to stop only specific kinds of emails since a filter can stop only one variety of emails whose parameters have been fed into it. However you have no limitations on the amount of filters that you may set up. Thus you have the option of creating new filters for new kinds of spam messages that somehow make way into your inbox. Apart from this if you face any other issues, you can contact rogers email tech support to get immediate resolution of your problems.

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