D-link Router is the router that everyone uses for the connection purpose, it also involves the function of behaving like a wireless access if you try to get the access to the internet or even to a private computer network, then you have to opt for some best quality router.

Now in order to use this router you need to first of all do its settings which involves the following steps:-

You need to first of all open the browser in your computer, after that you need to go to for configuring the router, you can do so by the help of any browser
You just need to have the router connected to the system of that browser after that just enter into the address bar and after that you just need to enter the admin in the field of the user name and then you need to leave the password field as blank. Now once you are done with the settings part then you can easily use your router for the connection purpose.While you use d-link router you will face some of the technical issue like the router is not able to connect.

Then in order to resolve this issue you need to follow the steps written below very carefully:-

    • Here you need to first check out whether you are able to ping the router or not
    • So for ping you need to go to the start button
    • Then you need to reach the run type cmd or command and then you need to ping your router i.e you need to type and in case you are able to ping your router then you this is the Symbol that your router is alright
    • Now you need to check for further things like the wifi connection so when you try to connect the router wirelessly then you need to consider some points
    • Like you need to make sure that you are using the same security between both that is your router and the wifi i.e if you are using the router with WEP then the client should also use the same WEP
    • You also need to use the same SSID and ofcourse the same frequency i.e 802.11 A as well.

In case your problem is still not resolved then you need not to worry since you can contact the D-link router tech support for help.

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