How to Troubleshoot Internet Connection in Centurylink ?

Follow these steps to troubleshoot Internet Connection in Centurylink !!

There are many times when the users face various issues in the internet connections in Centurylink and because of which the users are not able to get proper access of internet and are not able to process their internet related tasks.
So, to get proper internet connections users should keep in mind these various troubleshooting steps before connecting the internet. On the other hand the Centurylink Helpline number is active all day long so that the users may call on it and can clear all their doubts regarding the Centurylink.

First of all the users need to properly untangle the cables and the cords that come with the Centurylink modem so that it can be inserted in the right place and that too correctly.
Users should check whether the modem that is plugged is getting power and is turned on or not.
The cables and the cords should be correctly plugged in to the right outlet to make it work accordingly.
Then the users should restart the modem. For this just unplug the power cord for almost 20 seconds and then again plug it back to the outlet.
By doing this the modem will take several minutes to restart itself.
If the modem is working continuously then the users should keep in mind to turn it off in between so that the modem can clear out the unwanted heat and makes it more proper to work.
Users should also power off and then again restart the computer in which the modem is plugged in.
users should also keep a check on various lights of the modem. Like the power light should be green in color. The DSL light should also be green but the internet light should be green but that should b flashing continuously.

Hence, these are some of the troubleshooting steps that the users need to keep in mind when connecting for internet connections in Centurylink. Besides, whenever the users face any issue in these steps or have any other problem apart from this related to Centurylink modem and internet connections then they should simply contact the Centurylink Tech Support and can gt in touch with the technicians who are 24/7 available for the users in case of any glitches be it technical or non technical.

Discussing Centurylink Problems & It's Solutions

Century link is the very famous communication company which is mainly known for dealing in the cloud and internet services. It also offer various other services like data and network management, or big data analytics and it also provide IT consulting service.Its broadband service is superb with excellent customer experience. This company consider their user at the priority and hence they provide the best people in the form of techies to help them on the name of century link tech support.
When you use broadband service of the century link, you come across some frequent issues like:-the internet is not working properly and the modem is not respondig in a proper manner, in such case you need to go through the following steps:-

First of all you need to check whether your modem is properly plugged in or, whether it is getting power or not, because many time it happens that we go on finding the tougher issues and the issue may be too small to deal with.
You may also be making some common mistakes like- using a DSL filter, you need not to use any other filter since a inbuilt filter is always there in the modem.
No need to connect the modem’s phone cord to the phone’s splitters.
Never go for connecting the wall phone jack to the modem’s port which is labelled as PHONE

So these are the issues with the century link which you can either resolve by following these steps or you can even contact the centurylink customer service for any kind of assistance, people in their team are highly dedicated to helping the customers in dealing with the technical issues.

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