Why do my Sask Tel Email go to spam ?

How To Solve The Spam Problem ?

SaskTel email is the specific mail application that helps users a lot in fulfilling the purpose of communication.Through using this individuals would not required to worry about the security issues.It has the storage space for keeping large amount of data along with all such features that needs to be in an email application.It has been designed in such a way that the users may enjoy while accessing it.But as we know that if there are certain qualities in an email app,there maybe some flaws.To avoid all such flaws,users are required to connect with the support team that is all time ready to help the users.

What are the major SaskTel email issues for which the individual could may demand help from the support team?

How may I solve the configuration problem in SaskTel email?
What is the most convenient way for solving the “Sign In” problem in SaskTel email?
How is it possible to solve the junk mail problems?
How may I recover the lost password in Sasktel email?
How could I merge my Sasktel email account with other mail account?There are several problems that has been solved through the support team in which users may see the resolution for one:

What to do when SaskTel email would go to spam?

The reason of getting the spam issue could be the loopholes that we generally left during performing the email related tasks.To solve this,there is need to follow certain guidelines that has been suggested through the SaskTel email tech support team:

Caps should not be used in the subject line
There is no need to put gaps anywhere in the letters that is in between
Exclamation mark should not be more than one
It is also required to stay away from the words that sounds gimmicky
It is also required to assure that “From” name should be relevant
Individuals need to take care about the quality and quantity and should not use URL shorteners
Individuals should approve the senders for the mail they would like to receive
It is required to set the junk mail preferences

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